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Galent | Management Consultants Canberra | Isaac Traynor

Isaac Traynor

Isaac is an outcome focused ICT Professional. Core skills include Business Architecture, ICT Strategy, Strategic sourcing, contracts and procurement and stakeholder management. Strong experience in ICT project and services management, client engagement, planning, commercial and procurement management, and organizational leadership.  He offers strong experience in leading teams, and delivering business value through strategic outcomes.

With over 12 years’ experience in this domain, including senior management in Government and private industry, underpinned by excellent communication and leadership skills, Isaac offers strong insight and knowledge of both Government and private sectors, industry trends, procurement cycles and processes, delivering technology solutions and services to and for major government agencies and private enterprises.

Isaac’s professional skills include:

  • Strategy development and execution, major bid leadership, strategic stakeholder engagement;
  • Business Architecture and systems engineering;
  • Analytical thinking, decision making and complex problem solving;
  • Strategic planning, execution, collaboration and solution development;
  • Excellent interpersonal communications as well as value based proposal development;
  • Business management skills: Influencing, leading, negotiating and delegating to drive results;
  • Conflict and dispute resolution; and
  • Adaptable and adept at succeeding in highly stressful situations.