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Ash Winks

Ash is an highly experienced consultant with some thirty years’ experience in the public, private and not-for profit sectors.  He offers a proven record of delivery and achievement in project management, information and communications technology, not-for-profit operations and management and residential property development.   He also offers proven experience in logistics management and supplier relationship management and outstanding stakeholder engagement skills.

Ash offers a record of success and achievement in IT project management in the private, public and not-for-profit sectors, including short term projects for AusAId in the Philippines.  He has delivered several procurement consultancy engagements for government and not-for-profit organisations (including Leading Age Services Australia).  A project of significance was the development and management of the BushTel project for the then Department of Housing and Local Government of the Northern Territory Government.

His experience in IT project management includes: facilitating the physical relocation of departments, relocating essential IT services, ensuring identification and management of key risks during the moving period, software development and implementation through IT contractors, and new site network installations including IT and telecommunications.

In residential property development, Ash has delivered and managed redevelopment projects including layout and design, budget and costing, contractor management and sales and marketing.