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John Brassil

John is a very experienced management consultant who has assisted a wide range of clients in the public and private sectors to improve their business operations, based upon robust analytical techniques and pragmatic advice.

John is recognised for his ability to effectively analyse, document and explain the nuances of clients’ business arrangements in a manner which highlights problem areas and how these can be addressed in a cost effective manner.  He has successfully undertaken many complex assignments, ranging from high level strategic planning tasks to forensic investigations of IT/IS systems and financial processes.

In recent years many of his assignments have included the development of complex financial models to enable clients to improve their budgeting processes (including cash flow projections) and to assist them to make well informed operational and strategic decisions.

During his 28 years of consulting, John has regularly advised clients how best to draw together data from diverse operational/information systems in order to produce reports which have integrity, and that meet statutory and other reporting needs in a seamless, efficient manner.