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Organisational Improvement & Change


  • Organisational Improvement

  • Management & Strategic Reviews

  • ORganisational Restructuring 

  • Change Management

Organisational Improvement

In today’s public and private sectors, stakeholders, staff, clients. Governments and regulators are expecting more in the delivery of organisational outcomes and services and particularly in the effectiveness and efficient of its corporate and information technology services.

Galent offers our clients proven expertise and skills in all facets of organisational strengthening and process improvements, whether the organisation is:

  • New;
  • Being created as a result of machinery of government orders;
  • Well established and seeking improvements in efficiency, effectiveness, improved total cost of operations;  or
  • Pursuing contemporary better practices.

Our areas of expertise include:

  • Business Process Reengineering & Improvement
  • Shared Services Implementation & Management
  • Corporate Services Strategic Sourcing
  • Corporate Services Review & Better Practice
  • Corporate Build Services
  • Organisation Review Services
  • Change Management Services
  • Project & Program Management & Review

If you want to know more about our skills, capability and experience, including examples of our clients, please contact us for more information.

Management & Strategic Reviews

Galent Management Consulting offers extensive experience in conducting management and strategic reviews for organisations across the public and private sector.  We bring to all reviews proven methodologies including proven expertise in the effective engagement of stakeholders in the review process.  Our team offers extensive subject matter expertise across a wide diversity of areas including: information technology, human resources, governance, finance, customer service, commercialisation, payroll, construction, estate management, procurement, contract and vendor management, records and information management, strategic planning, organisational performance and human resource capability and planning to name but a few.  Through our network of professionals we are able to access the skills and expertise that our clients require to support informed and fact based decision making.

Our approach delivers to our clients:

  • a clear description of the current state of the review subject;
  • a clear assessment of the current state including the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats;
  • practical recommendations (including opportunities for improvement); and
  • practical implementation strategies and plans which focus on maximising the value of the review for the client.

Our areas of expertise include:

  • project and program reviews;
  • post implementation reviews;
  • organisational reviews;
  • business process reviews and reengineering;
  • benchmarking;
  • customer satisfaction reviews;
  • business and process performance reviews;
  • compliance assessments;
  • strategic business reviews and repositioning; and
  • audits and assurance.

If you want to know more about our skills, capability and experience, including examples of our clients, please contact us for more information.

Organisational Restructuring (Including Machinery of Government Change)

Organisational restructuring can be driven by a range of factors which can be both internal and external to the organisation.  Restructuring can include:

  • changes in the divisions, branches or sections within an organisation;
  • merging or splitting of Agencies and Departments as a result of Machinery of Government changes (MOGs);
  • merging or splitting of private sector organisations, including employee buy outs;
  • commercialisation and corporatisation of organisational units; and
  • structural changes to not-for-profit organisations including the federation of organisations.

Galent Management Consulting offers our clients a proven record of achievement in supporting organisations in the public, private and not-for-profit sectors as they seek to achieve the target outcome and benefits through a process which can often cause uncertainty both within the organisation, as well as the organisations stakeholders (and clients).  We leverage the experience of our consultants, a number of who have held senior executive roles (including as Senior Executive Service and Chief Executives within Government and as Senior Executives and Board Members within Not-For-Profit and Private Sector organisations).  Our team also brings a sound understanding and practical knowledge in the implementation of legislation and policy which often underpins such change.

Our areas of expertise include:

  • staff and stakeholder consultation and management;
  • organisational and governance design;
  • change management;
  • transitional planning;
  • negotiation planning, management and support;
  • transition management (including project management and change management); and
  • reporting (including for Government, Governance, Stakeholders and Staff).

If you want to know more about our skills, capability and experience, including examples of our clients, please contact us for more information.

Change Management

Galent possesses and offers extensive expertise and experience in all facets of organisational framework design and implementation including organisational change management.    Our highly experienced consultants have undertaken a wide diversity of assignments, providing advice and assistance in the implementation of new processes, organisational transformation and new structures.

Our team brings to these assignments both formal qualifications in organisational change and change management and employee relations and management, as well as proven methodologies and experience.  The Galent team includes highly experienced public, private and not-for-profit sector managers and executive who are able to apply frameworks and provide advice which is both practical and appropriate.

If you want to know more about our full range of skills, capability and experience, including examples of our clients, please contact us for more information.